Is the bolstering Partnership Between Russia and China a imminent Threat to the United States and Its Western Allies?

Russia and China both are great powers in the region and have strategic importance. In this article the Russia’s and china’s strategic partnership and how both the states are maneuvering the global alliance and how it posits threat to western allies will be examine. In this era there is constant shifts in power dynamic and geopolitical flux, Russia and China prove themselves as the major agents in shaping the global politics. China and Russia have extended their relations in past decade but they are not allies officially. Both the states have developed strong economic ties and have remarkable cooperation. 

As both the states are powerful states and they also do not admit the dominance of US. They have almost same perspective towards West. Russia Ukraine war led to the heavy sanctions on Russia which was imposed by US. Biden administration have imposed sanctions on the export of technology, sanctioned oligarchs, and banned the export of gold and diamond from Russia. US has also banned the flights from Russia. EU has banned the seaborne crude imports and US and UK has banned the oil and natural gas from Russia. All these sanctions have drained the economy of Russia. All of these reason tends Russia towards China for economic cooperation to make its economy flourish. 

Whereas US and NATO has received it as a threat. China and US have long list of hostilities in past for instance south-china sea issue and China-Taiwan issue. US has supported Taiwan rather than china. US has always make efforts to lessen the influence of China in the region. On the other hand Russia also shares hostile relations with US and western allies. Both states are developing friendly relations which are alarming for US. 

Putin visits to China shows the conciliatory efforts of both states. Both states shows concerns on Ukraine issue and also promotes energy and trade agreements. China claims that china will always be a good neighbor and good friend of mutual trust.  Russia and china works together to achieve the development and rejuvenation of respective countries. Russia and China claims themselves as states which are holding justice in the world. Putin claims that Russian-Chinese cooperation in energy sector is not only limited to hydrocarbons. Russia and china have strategic partnership to bolster the economy.

On the other side US has perceived that as a threat. There is western perspective that claims that China is materially supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. West believe that US has provided Russia an arms building capacity and moral support against Ukraine. Putin believes that Russia-China cooperation in world’s affairs is one of the main stabilizing factors in the international arena. Russia and china trade relations have increased for instance about 40% of gas has imported to China from Russia. According to west all these increased cooperation is meant to undermine western democracy by eating up NATO resources. 

US and its western allies perceive threat to their dominance in the region of Eurasia. It is stated that the mutual cooperation and integration between china and Russia encapsulate the joint military exercises which is perceived as a direct threat to NATO presence and in Indo-pacific and Europe. China’s BRI and Russia’s energy and trade project is an alarming situation for US as it can create the economic dependencies and increase the influence of both states in several regions in order undermining the influence of US and its allies. In South China Sea and the NATO near borders there is a bolstering joint military exercises of China and Russia which is threat to US and its allied military forces present in those regions.

Russian-Chinese partnership is a threat to US dominance and it can led to creation of strong countering forces against West. Russia and china are great powers and has ability to influence other states economically and strategically. The bolstering partnership between both the states can not be ignored it is shaping the new dynamics and geopolitics of the world. Russia and China supports those regimes which opposes the western intervention such as in Middle East and North Africa. These states have provided military assistance and diplomatic backup to Assad Regime. It shows that Russian-Chinese coalition is working against US and its allies and they are opposing their regimes in several regions. Russian- Chinese partnership is a threat to the dominance of US and NATO. 

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