The ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel: Scrutinize the legitimacy of Hamas ambush

The tension between Palestine and Israel is deep-rooted and always attracts the attention of the world at a high level, especially when Israel is targeted but not Palestinian innocents, resulting in regional havoc and humanitarian emergencies. Based on historical evidence, the blame game between Hamas and Israel continues to exist. The occupation of Palestine by Israel and its intention to capture Jerusalem led to the eviction of Muslims from the land, creating chaos in the region. When regional and world powers came face to face, the situation appeared to be ripe for World War III to begin. Furthermore, the Genocide of Palestinians in their homeland, evacuation and siege of daily life products create humanitarian concerns. Meanwhile, on Oct. 7, 2023, Hamas, the Palestinian militant group launched missiles against Israel on the last holiday of the Yom Kippur festival. Consequently, it sparked a retaliatory siege of Gaza thousands of Palestinians including men, women, and children lost their lives. Up to now, thousands of bombs have been dropped by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) against hospitals and residents of civilian areas. Indeed, it is against International humanitarian law. However, Hamas entered Israel from different borders and did abduction. To demonstrate whether Hamas’s attack on Israel is justified or not requires an analysis based on facts from a historical perspective, international law, and previous and present statements from global statesmen to pursue perpetual peace.

On April 23, 2023, IDF soldiers attacked Al-Aqsa Masjid in the holy month of Ramadan, killing and wounding dozens of people inside the Masjid on Holy night, and it is clear from the background of this war that IDF troops are responsible for the attacks. This act was condemned by a number of international states and organisations. In retaliation to this operation, Hamas in its attempt to defend itself launched the operation “al-Aqsa Flood” as a defensive measure. Hamas used its Qassam rockets which were less dangerous than the missiles used by IDF. Notably, their weaponry system is not technologically updated like Israel’s. Both civilians experienced indiscriminate attacks, sacrificing their lives in the tug-of-war between Hamas and Israel. In a breach of international humanitarian law, the Israeli forces employed white phosphorous on the Palestinians, deemed illegal by international organizations, thus violating protocol III of CCCW. Furthermore, the IDF targeted civilians, launched an unprecedented attack on a Gaza hospital, aimed at journalists, and engaged in psychological warfare. The IDF also ordered the evacuation of the northern Gaza Strip through the leaflets, a move that was criticized by international bodies as it could lead to a humanitarian crisis, deemed impossible.

Additionally, according to International Humanitarian Law: Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions gives a guideline for humanity, which means conflicting parties should behave humanely in times of war respect human rights, and treat wounded people without any discrimination of race, religion, or identity. To the best of my knowledge, Hamas’s unprecedented attack on Israel is a retaliatory act. They do not attack civilian residents, or hospitals as compared to Israel. Israel’s government gives military training to their civilians at the age of 18 and calls them reserved military, so these are not civilians. These civilians evacuated Palestinians from their homeland in 1945. Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “They started it, we will finish it”. Additionally, according to them, they follow international law. But personally, there was no rule as per the International law that is followed by the Israeli government. So a surprise attack on Israel has a legitimate background. Moreover, history didn’t start when Hamas attacked Israel, this is retaliation against to stop anyother Nakba from happening  and all the genocide taking place till today in Palestine by Israel. 

The Hamas-Israel conflict in the past might have been resolved by a ceasefire. A ceasefire, however, seems to be of no use now that both ideological nations require legal and legitimate agreements that are monitored closely to ensure perpetual peace. Rather than deploying ammunition by the USA in the Mediterranean Sea to counter Hezbollah- which is backed by Iran, in favour of Hamas. This will not reduce the hike of war. It’s a condition of talking the talk but rarely walking the walk and major powers sometimes leave the world in a bit of a free-for-all when it comes to international law. Rather than fighting proxy wars major powers or regional power are required to use diplomatic tactics to embrace the power of peace and global harmony. 

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