There are always more deaths and shootings in the USA! What is this?

Another Bangladeshi was shot dead by miscreants in the United States in just five days. The deceased’s name is Mohammad Abul Hashim (42).

His house is in Burichong Upazila of Comilla. It is reported that the incident took place in the Casa Grande area near the city of Phoenix in the state of Arizona in the United States on Sunday morning local time. Earlier, on July 18, Bangladeshi Yazuddin Ahmed (23) was shot dead at a gas station on Hampton Avenue in Saint Louis, Missouri. Five days after this incident, another Bangladeshi, Abul Hashim, was shot dead. Confirming the death, Bangladesh’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam tweeted, “We are horrified by the news of the death of a second Bangladeshi in the last five days in the United States.” The latest victim is Abul Hashim. He writes that Yazuddin Ahmed, who was killed earlier, went to the United States for higher education. This boy used to work in a grocery store to pay for his education.

Earlier, a young man named Ramim Uddin Ahmed of Mirsarai, Chittagong was shot dead by terrorists at 3:30 pm on July 18 in the US state of Missouri. The terrorists reportedly shot him in the head to steal the car and money he was carrying. In the real sense, it makes no sense to explain this tragic matter, because Bangladeshis are being killed in America for a few days. But there is no solution, the killings are not stopping. Moreover, because not all killings are reported in the media, the real numbers are not revealed, and the true picture of the state of law and order in America is not being presented. There is room to think about the matter in different ways, one meaning is; The United States is failing to ensure the safety of foreign nationals. As the citizens of Bangladesh have been killed, the news is coming to the country’s newspapers thanks to their relatives; But the death of citizens of other countries is not coming in the media of this country. Therefore, everyone is deprived of knowing the real statistics of how much security threat foreign nationals pose in America. However, it can be confirmed that the security system in America for foreign nationals is not so significant. 

According to the incident report, the deceased Ramim studied computer science at a local college and worked at a gas station in the 1100 block of Hampton Ave in St. Louis, Missouri. A group of terrorists shot him dead for the car and money he was carrying. That is, the movement of terrorists in the United States is now visible. This is easily conceivable because of the failure of the state apparatus, one after the other, there are incidents of terrorism. In the United States, this kind of incident is not completely new, after a few days, this kind of unwanted and gruesome incident is happening in the country. Many question their willingness and ability to take preventive measures. 

Every country attaches special importance to the security of foreign nationals. With an international gang admitting their involvement in the Holy Artisan attack, the Bangladeshi government has also been able to gain the confidence of foreigners by taking swift action there; But in the recent attacks in America, the involvement of local terrorists is found in the attacks. Why is America failing to take adequate measures against terrorists? This is an important point to uncover. 

According to the news, there were 28 indiscriminate gun attacks in the United States in the first six months of this year. 140 people died in the attack. Last six months saw the highest number of gun attacks in the US since 2006. Indiscriminate gun attacks in broad daylight, in large and small cities, continue unabated. That is, the government forces are failing to deal with the situation. One of the most important functions of a state is to ensure the security of its citizens, when the state fails to ensure the security of its citizens, disorder, chaos and anarchy arise within the state. In a word, what is called a failed state. However, we expect that the American government will take a proactive role in overcoming the fragile state of the law-and-order situation. 

From January 1st to June 30th, there was a gun attack almost every week in the United States. On March 27, a gun attack took place at a private school in Nashville, Tennessee. But these incidents are increasing at an alarming rate, creating a culture of fear among the citizens of the state and increasing anxiety among the common citizens. In the world where America gives initiation to other states on human rights, security, protection of citizens, citizens are suffering from insecurity in America, but it will bring new issues to the discussion of researchers. If we try to discuss the state-centered theory of political science, it can be seen that in the eyes of the state, all citizens are equal and the state is committed to ensure the security of every citizen. Just as the state will bring him under the law if someone commits a crime, every citizen bears equal importance to the state. Now whether America as a country has moved away from this idea is also a matter of important discussion. On the other hand, it can be seen that the law-and-order situation in America is gradually deteriorating because America is indifferent about its own country and paying more attention to other countries. 

However, we think that America should pay attention to the citizens of its own country, if not in the same way as it has paid attention to other countries. Village elders say, it is not right to look at other people’s house without fixing your own house. Everyone is aware of America’s special focus on Ukraine in the Ukraine-Russia war, and America is also very vocal on other issues in world politics. That is why America is indifferent to the safety of its citizens. Otherwise, one after the other murders, terrorist attacks are not supposed to happen in America. What is meant by extrajudicial killings, such incidents are happening like pulse and rice in America; Which can in no way be indicative of a civilized country. 

James Allan, a professor of criminology at Northeastern University, has spent five years keeping track of indiscriminate gun attacks. He said, ‘We have been used to it for so long that there are two to three dozen attacks a year. But this time there have been 28 attacks in six months.’ Gun control laws have created major political polarization in the United States. Democrats favor tougher laws. But Republicans oppose it. According to the group, gun ownership is an ‘unquestionable matter’ under the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

According to criminologist Gillin, the process of dissociation accelerates crime. The conflict between Democrats and Republicans over gun control legislation is part of the process of separation. Due to divergent behavior in policy making, mainly as part of the process of alienation, the society is divided into groups, groups and sub-groups, and the other side opposes the norms imposed by the dominant group in the society. That is why divisions, conflicts and clanging of arms arise in the society. In the American society, such incidents are often happening nowadays. 

Former American President Donald Trump said in a speech, America should focus on its own country. Money should be spent on improving the law-and-order situation of one’s own country instead of spending on war activities of other countries. He made this comment in the wake of terrorist attacks on children’s schools in America. A clear understanding of the policies and management of the current administration of America can be obtained from Trump’s comments. Not only that, America should ensure the safety of Bangladeshi citizens in their own country without sticking their nose in the internal issues of other countries. A teacher of Dhaka University is missing in America, let the United Nations, EU give a statement on this matter. 

America should work hard to ensure the human rights of every citizen. It is the sole responsibility of the state to increase the budget if necessary to ensure the safety of citizens, to ensure that citizens can keep their lives and property safe. America is failing to protect its citizens; At least the statistics testify so. Moreover, what needs to be taken care of is the strengthening of special security measures to protect foreign nationals, otherwise their image will be gradually eroded globally and so on. 

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