The Unwavering Pillars: Unveiling the Global Support Fortifying Israel’s Journey

Flag of israel

Israel has been a controversial state since it declared its independce in 1947. Israel had been covered by a series of Arab-Israel wars in 1956,1967, and 1973 followed by 2006 lebanon war. The ideology difference and the territory, which was under Muslim control from the past 8 decades were the main reasons between them. This controversy led to killing of 15000 palestinians in war while 3600 were killed excluding war. There the question raises that how Israel won and resisted back-to-back battles with a very small military.  

This unwavering support continuously came from the US army and their leaders. Senator Sanders and other Democrats have moved to try to halt the planned sale of $735m (£518m) worth of precision-guided weapons to Israel. Almost all this aid was for military assistance.This support came as part of an agreement signed by former president Barack Obama in 2016 for an overall package of $38bn (26.8bn) in military aid over the decade 2017-2028. Israel also bought eight KC-46A Boeing ‘Pegasus’ aircrafts in 2020, the US gave about 6% (adjusted for inflation) over the spending commitment for the previous decade. Of the $3.8bn given to Israel in 2020, $500m (£353.9m) was for missile defense, including investments in Israel’s Iron Dome and other systems which can intercept incoming rockets.

Israel is seen by the US as a crucial ally in the Middle East – with shared goals and a mutual commitment to democratic values.US has established its roots in the Middle East through Israel so it can keep an eye not only on Arab countries but also on West Asia.Moreover,by establishing a Jewish state on the mouth of Arabs has led a fine democratic and friendly relations between Jewish people and Ashkenazi Jews. They also support and provides the nuclear weapons and nuclear machinery though putting sanctions on other nuclear developing countries.

US House Speaker Pelosi says: “The fact is that we have a very close relationship with Israel, and Israel’s security is a national security issue for us, as our friend, a democratic country in the region.” One the reasons are the Pro-Israel interest groups donate millions to US federal political candidates. During the 2020 campaign, pro-Israel groups donated $30.95m, with 63 percent going to Democrats, 36 percent to Republicans. The Middle East, with its oil reserves and strategic waterways (think the Suez Canal) is a key battleground for superpower hegemonic influence. The US was taking over from severely weakened European powers as the primary western power broker in the Middle East. Now US is taking advantage of Arab oil reserves from lebanon and Syria through Israel power in that region.

Now the scenario has totally changed. States are now running on their economic relations. People look for their incentives. The former enemies of Israelis are now becoming close friends due to economic incentives. Saudis now want investors in their country while we all know that the prime investors are Jews. So, despite going to the US for the investors they now can reach to their neighbour for their economic growth. Now Saudis not just rely on their oil exportation but also need investment to create a best touristic liberal state for economy. Now UAE, Jordan, and Egypt have not only accepted Israel but has also developed economic relations with them.

The bilateral relationship between France and Israel is also supported by the presence in Israel of a large French community (150,000 people), while France is home to Europe’s largest Jewish community. Israel is home to approximately 700,000 French speakers, making up close to 20% of the population. UK has also been an unveiling supporter of Israel. British-made military components and hardware were used by Israeli forces during last month’s airstrikes on Gaza, despite of government claims about Britain’s tough arms export controls. The Israeli F-35 warplanes that are used to bomb the densely populated territory have component parts from a host of UK suppliers, including BAE Systems, GE Aviation, and Rolls-Royce. This was right after World War II, when the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union was taking shape. UK and Israel had exchanged weaponry and different defensive products from each other which formed closed coordination between them.

Thus, the undercover support and backing to Israel had always been a comparative advantage from its other competitor countries. This backing had secured the Jews and forced most of its population to settle in Israel. Israel has now their own weaponry industry and exportation. Their own nuclear system strengthens their power in the Middle East. While Palestine wants peace and the territory of East Jerusalem, but it looks almost Impossible. The enormous nuclear weaponry, friendly economic relations with three giant allies (UK, USA, France) and the settlement with the Arab countries looks inaccessible for the Palestinians to settle in their own area.

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